Study Abroad in England, Ireland & Scotland.
Undergraduate and Post-Graduate
Summer, Semester and Full Year programmes

IRSS offers a comprehensive advice service which outlines the strengths and pitfalls of Study Abroad Programmes. Through extensive contacts in the U.S., UK and the Republic of Ireland, IRSS is able to match students to universities thereby enabling them to maximise the benefits of their experience abroad.

With over 20 years specialising in the recruitment and support of students from overseas, IRSS prides itself on understanding the educational and pastoral needs of students.

Semester, term and Full year programmes are available at:
:: University of Dundee
:: University of Essex
:: University of Limerick - Ireland
:: University of Sunderland
:: University of York

:: LASALLE - College of the Arts - Singapore

The Foundation for International Education (FIE) arranges faculty-led programmes in London and also offers internships and service learning placements in and around the Capital.
FIE now also offers programmes in Dublin and Madrid.
:: The Foundation for International Education